MyMediabox Applications: Hosted or Installed?

That is a question that many prospective customers ask, so we decided to provide a short summary of what you will need to run MyMediabox applications.

MyMediabox applications are 100 percent hosted online and are available anywhere you have a computer.  With 99.95 percent guaranteed up time, MyMediabox applications and your assets are available 24/7/365 to you and your customers worldwide- whenever you need them.

What you need to run MyMediabox applications:

1. A computer: (PC or MAC)
2. An internet connection: DSL/Cable Modem, Broadband/T-1+, or better
3. A web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari 

MyMediabox offers hosted solutions for digital asset management (Mediabox-DAM), product approvals/creative workflow (Mediabox-PA) and royalty management (Mediabox-RM).

For more information visit us at or email us at  Interested in scheduling a demo? Click here.

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