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MyMediabox Mission
Our mission is to be the leader in conceiving, developing and licensing, “best-in-class”, high-performance, online business productivity software applications that focus on managing the intellectual property life-cycle from initial conception and creation of digital assets to contracts/rights management to product development workflows within the Consumer Products Licensing, Television/Film Distribution and Music industries.
MyMediabox Background & Team
MyMediabox was founded by Eric Rennagel after identifying a need in the Consumer Products Licensing and Television and Film Distribution industries for online product approvals and digital asset management. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with an additional office in Cincinnati, Ohio for Software Development and Customer/Tech Support.
MyMediabox is wholly owned by Jonas Software USA, Inc. a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc. (a publicly traded company).
Mediabox Team:
Eric Rennagel
Eric Rennagel –

Eric Rennagel, a former executive in the consumer products licensing and television distribution industries, founded MyMediabox in 2003 and now serves as CEO of the business, a unit of Jonas Software USA, LLC and Constellation Software, Inc. (CSU.TO), a public company. As CEO, Eric is responsible for setting the vision, strategy, financial goals and product road map for the business, while ensuring the company has the right people (culturally and technically) to achieve its objectives. Eric graduated summa cum laude with a business degree from Georgia State University and lives with his family in Buford Georgia.

Brian Contario
Brian Contario –

Director of Information Technology
Brian joined MyMediabox in 2007 after honing his skills in both software development and IT infrastructure at several Software as a Service (SaaS) companies for the 10 years prior, back when SaaS didn’t even have a name. Now he leads the team of developers, system administrators, and security professionals out of the R&D office in Cincinnati, OH to continually improve the functionality and performance of the entire suite of Mediabox applications.

Dave Ploof
Dave Ploof –

Director of Client Services
Dave has been with MyMediabox since it’s inception in 2003, and currently hold the position of Director of Client Services, based in our Cincinnati, OH technology office. In addition to being directly responsible for MyMediabox VIP clients, he also manages a team responsible for site implementations, training, User support and custom projects and client satisfaction. Dave has been married to Debbie for 12 wonderful years, has a son, daughter and two step sons that truly define “family”.

Emilee Feldman
Emilee Feldman –

Marketing and Sales Manager
Emilee joined MyMediabox in February 2009 and currently serves as the company’s Marketing and Sales Manager. She is responsible for new client sales and account management as well as quarterly and annual sales forecasting and marketing plans. Emilee earned her degree in Marketing from the University of Florida.

Nicole Ducleroir
Nicole Ducleroir –

Training Manager / Marketing Manager
Nicole joined the MyMediabox team in early 2016 as the Training Manager, with a dual role as Marketing Manager. Her training responsibilities include helping new clients navigate site functionality, holding regular continuing education webinars for Licensee end users, and rolling out new functionality to Licensors. With her background in Marketing, she also creates and implements B2B marketing campaigns and organizes focus groups of “Super Users” to gather feedback on how to improve our products. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys exploring the underwater world with her family of avid scuba divers.

Gina Stoudenmire
Gina Stoudenmire –

Customer Service Manager
Gina joined the MyMediabox customer support team in October 2013 as a Customer Support Coordinator. With over 10 years of customer service background, she has the ability to react quickly and accurately in resolving issues and strives to maintain customer satisfaction. Gina is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Business Administration.

Leady Bjerragaard
Leady Bjerragaard –

Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Leady joined MyMediabox on April of 2015 as part of the Sales and Marketing team. She is responsible for new clients within the TV/ film industry and also the South American Market. Leady was born in Bogota, Colombia where she grew up until leaving for the U.S on a college tennis scholarship.

While playing tennis at Georgia Southwestern she earned her Bachelor’s in Marketing. Currently pursuing a master’s in International Marketing, she also has over 5 years of experience in sales. In her free time, Leady loves to spend time with her husband Brent, her dog Bruno, staying fit and shopping.

Irina Chernykh
Irina Chernykh –

Project Coordinator
Irina is a Project Coordinator at MyMediabox. Although her specialty lies in creating MyMediabox sites for new partners, she may be involved in resolving support requests if they require system configuration. When she is not revising implementation spreadsheets, you can probably find her trying a new dessert recipe or practicing salsa steps in front of a mirror.

Jonas Software
Jonas Software is the leading provider of enterprise management software solutions to the Club, Leisure Fitness & Sports, Foodservice, Construction, Attractions, Metal Service Centers, Moving & Storage, Education, Radiology/Laboratory Information Systems, and Consumer Product Licensing industries. Within these 10 vertical markets, Jonas boasts 36 distinct brands, all of which are respected and longstanding leaders within their own domain.

Jonas’ vision is to be the branded global leader across the aforementioned ten vertical markets and to be recognized by customers and respective industry stakeholders as the trusted provider of Software For Life and as an ambassador for technology, product innovation, quality, and customer service. Jonas Software is the valued technology partner of over 25,000 customers worldwide in more than 15 countries. Jonas employs hundreds of skilled individuals consisting of a cross-section of industry experts and technology professionals. Jonas is headquartered in Canada and also operates offices throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean. With the talents of Jonas employees spanning the globe, Jonas is proud to avail cost-effective training and consulting services to our entire client base. Jonas Software solutions allow companies to operate at a high level of efficiency by eliminating double entry of information, streamlining workflows and providing staff information that assists in decision making. Software for Life Policy: As with any good investment, your software should continue to grow to meet the ever changing needs of your business landscape. It should remain dynamic and protected against time. Our Software for Life Maintenance Policy is our commitment to accommodating the rapidly changing business environment and reflects our continual consideration to the trends and economic realities that impact your daily operations. Unlike other companies which charge for major product upgrades, Jonas Software does not. Once a software license has been purchased, you will never again be required to repurchase that license in order to receive a new version of the module. Through our Software For Life policy we guarantee our commitment to enhancing and developing applications that best suit the long term technology needs of our clients. We are able to offer the Software for Life Promise, in part, by way of the financial stability afforded to us by our parent company, Constellation Software Inc. CSI is the 2nd largest software company in Canada and has won prestigious awards, including being named as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies.

Our Solutions

  • Digital asset management
  • Style guide asset delivery
  • Product approvals workflows


"For Televisa, Mediabox represents the opportunity to grant better service for our licensees, while being more efficient and competitive in front of other Studios... Televisa's long term vision on the licensing business means that we see Mediabox as an investment and not an operational cost. Each effort and work has being remunerated with the satisfaction of our clients. Definitely, the idea to go with Mediabox was the most important decision to modernize, improve security and control and the effectiveness of our services."
"MediaBox almost instantly solved many of the challenges our department had tracking and managing our assets and product development submissions. From the very beginning, Eric Rennagel and his team went out of their way to train our department and our licensees on how to use their system and to customize it to our specific needs. No question was too small and no request was too big. They even developed a special simplified system for submitting to 3rd party approvers that was above and beyond what they were required to do. The folks at MediaBox were constantly striving to create the best online management system and were always asking for feedback and implementing our suggestions. Very quickly, our department saved a lot of time and a lot of paper. Our licensees really appreciated the streamlined system as well. I highly recommend MediaBox. Whether you have a big company or a small one, this system will keep your assets and submissions organized and on track.""
"MediaBox has significantly streamlined our product approvals process; positively affecting our turnaround times and licensee/licensor satisfaction. We love this system!"
"Mediabox is a great tool for the distribution of our marketing materials. We are very satisfied with this product as it allows us to provide our clients a top of the line service."
"Mediabox is easy to use and very reliable. We have been using it for several years and find that both our licensees and international agents are very pleased with it. The team at Media box is great to work with and always available for questions and advice on better ways to get the job done. We are very pleased with the experience."
"As our business has evolved, we find ourselves dealing with increasing volumes of designs on ever expanding product categories. The Media Box system enables us to manage the design and approval process from concept right through to final samples. It allows us to respond to licensees efficiently, no matter where in the world we, or they, happen to be. One key advantage of Media Box is that multiple access by different users means that no matter how many people need to be involved and no matter how large the files, there are no longer long delays in information getting through."
"Mediabox makes delivering Bruce Lee style guide assets and managing the product approvals online easy, quick and efficient for our staff and global licensees. I would recommend both Mediabox-4.0 for style guide assets and Mediabox-PA for product approvals to any licensing company that wants to streamline their business processes."
"Marathon is really happy using Mediabox. It is easy, fast and ergonomic."
"The Mediabox-PA approval system has made the creative process easy for all licensees where ever they are based in the world. The system is very straightforward and provides Atari with an ideal one-stop solution for approvals."
"Media Box is an exceptional tool for our industry. The ability for clients to have easy access to our artwork is indispensible. Media Box is an easy-to-use service from both a user and administrator perspective. We have found the site very intuitive and functional. The Media Box Team has been outstandingly helpful and responsive to our creative asset needs. Working with them is a pleasure."
"Mediabox has proven to be an invaluable tool for our staff, licensors and our licensees around the globe. The website, which is very user friendly, allows our brand and property images and artwork to be available immediately to everyone 24/7. It also allows us to be in charge of what is on the website and the ability to change the art offered and the user access rights - easily, from our own computer, and at any time of the day or night, without having to rely on an outside service's availability. Mediabox has helped to reduce art fulfillment costs while freeing up valuable staff time to focus on more critical needs. It has been tremendously helpful for our company."
"Classic Media has utilized Mediabox for both its online assets system and its online approvals system for years. In short, Mediabox provides a turnkey destination for each of our unique brands: it allows our licensing partners to very easily navigate the development and approval process; it provides an online history of all past/pending submissions for easy tracking/reference; and it is an ideal environment for internal and external communication of press, asset updates, and creative back-and-forth. The Mediabox team is a breeze to work, and each individual we have worked with is truly receptive to suggestions for improved use. Best of all, our licensees love it."
FUNimation Entertainment is delighted to have a service like Mediabox available to our clients. It is a secure, easily accessible, web-based system that provides an efficient way to supply our clients with all the various brand assets and updates.
"My [Mediabox] experience has been fantastic. Very efficient, only a few clicks away from everything, and I especially like the customizing option of the splash pages. Kudos to this template!"
"The introduction of Mediabox to ITV’s product approvals system has streamlined our process, allowing us more time to dedicate to each licensee and the creative input for all our branded products."
"Working with your staff has been a rewarding and fruitful experience. Mediabox has been a good partner and we look forward to maintaining that partnership as we continue to grow."

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