Digital Asset Management

Control your Property’s digital style guide assets
while enabling licensees to selectively preview and download high-resolution files

Create a personalized experience for each licensee user with Mediabox-DAM’s highly-branded user interface. Key functionalities of this configurable system include simple drag and drop tools to organize, manage and deliver high-resolution artwork assets to licensees around the world. And this is no run of the mill file hosting service! Each licensee previews, transforms and downloads their licensed style guide assets in a dynamic, color branded workspace that’s sure to spark creative inspiration for their product designs.


Colorful, custom-branded environments where the mood
and surroundings change at each property and folder level
to enhance the licensee’s unique brand experience

Highly-branded Environment

Maintain full control over your library
of digital assets, and pull real-time
data reports across all assets, users
and rights to identify and analyze
activity trends

Asset Management/

Password protected user access at
the property/brand and folder levels.
Browse rights per user are defined by
date range for limited access, with the
option to include download rights


Robust search engine and meta tagging
capabilities allow users to conduct simple
keyword searches or use advanced options
for refined results


Private folders allow each user
to save their favorite assets, so
there’s no need to search over and
over for the same thing or download
every asset, “just in case”


Beautiful, highly-branded marketing
pages give prospective licensees an
interactive brand experience that
sparks creativity and sells your brand

Marketing Pages
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Highly branded environment:

Mediabox-DAM is a colorful digital library, custom-designed with your brand colors, logos and images. To heighten users’ senses and get the creative juices flowing, approved users log in from your fully customized splash page. As each user clicks deeper into the folder hierarchy, the entire workspace automatically responds by changing color schemes and graphics to match the mood and energy of the property in the open folder. The system’s branding tools are easy to use — absolutely no IT or CSS coding expertise is needed — allowing you to make changes as often as you like to further enhance the licensee’s creative inspiration with each new folder they open.

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Asset Management/Reports:

In Mediabox-DAM, you maintain full control over your library of digital assets. Multiple upload options include uploading assets directly into the system, transferring the files/folders via FTP, or letting our team help — just provide us with a pre-loaded drive, and we’ll take care of it. Mediabox-DAM supports over 250 file types, including video, audio, PDF, multipage documents, and raster and vector Adobe files. (Re)organize your property assets as desired with easy drag and drop functionality, and take full advantage of custom metadata tagging by assigning up to 100 attributes per file. Need the same file to be visible in different folders? Alias source files to multiple locations within the site, eliminating the need to upload the same assets over and over again. Then track activity by pulling real-time data reports across all assets, users and rights.

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Password protected user access means you grant users site access by invitation, and you decide which assets each user can see at the property/brand and folder levels. Assign a user browse rights by date range for limited access and choose whether or not their access includes the options to transform the asset into different file formats and download it. Safeguard your assets with watermarking, an additional defense that displays the viewing user’s email address as embedded text that’s tiled over the digital preview image, for an added layer of security.

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Your licensee partners are busy people, so give them technology that won’t slow them down. Our intuitive elastic search engine and dense metadata architecture mean users locate specific assets quickly across the folder(s) they have access to. In Mediabox-DAM, you can create hundreds of custom metadata fields and attribute values, including hidden metadata that won’t appear to the user, but will return the asset in keyword search results. Users execute simple keyword searches, or apply complex string values in conditional tiers for advanced searches, with the option to save the results.

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Style guide assets tend to be large, high resolution files, so your licensee partners only want to download the assets they’re ready to use, now. Mediabox Collections provide the tools for your users to create private folders in which they save their favorite assets, eliminating the need to search over and over for the same thing or download every asset, just in case they can use it later. A user builds a collection by dragging and dropping assets into their folder or by transforming favorite images into open source file types. Users save complex searches to their personal collections for easy viewing. Saved search results are dynamic and automatically update to reveal the newest assets you’ve added to the library, as long as the metadata matches the user’s original keyword search and the assets fall within the user’s access rights.

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Marketing Pages:

Mediabox-DAM Marketing Pages takes your focus away from style guide delivery and directs it farther upstream, to the prospective Licensee interested in acquiring the rights to your property. Marketing pages offer these users alternative views of selected assets, instead of the pragmatic two-pane UI and folder tree. Customizable templates make it easy for you to create beautiful, highly-branded marketing pages, with no special graphic design or CSS coding expertise necessary. Users get an interactive brand experience while they explore the dynamic web page that you’ve curated to present your property in exciting ways that spark creativity and sell the brand.

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“When we started strategizing for an internal licensing system, Mediabox was our first choice. We knew Mediabox had all the parameters we needed to streamline our approvals, royalty tracking and agreement consolidation. The simplicity of the site made for an efficient transition for Pacific Cycle’s personnel and our licensed partners. There is no question, this is a very efficient and time-saving tool. Another important point is Mediabox’s staff; we lean on them regularly with questions and suggestions to see to the ever-changing needs of Pacific Cycle’s licensing tracking system and our partners’ approval protocol. They have been more then accommodating to our needs and continue to build-up their technology.”

“Mediabox has proven to be an invaluable tool for our staff, licensors and our licensees around the globe. The website, which is very user friendly, allows our brand and property images and artwork to be available immediately to everyone 24/7. It also allows us to be in charge of what is on the website and the ability to change the art offered and the user access rights – easily, from our own computer, and at any time of the day or night, without having to rely on an outside service’s availability. Mediabox has helped to reduce art fulfillment costs while freeing up valuable staff time to focus on more critical needs. It has been tremendously helpful for our company.”

“As our business has evolved, we find ourselves dealing with increasing volumes of designs on ever expanding product categories. The Media Box system enables us to manage the design and approval process from concept right through to final samples. It allows us to respond to licensees efficiently, no matter where in the world we, or they, happen to be. One key advantage of Media Box is that multiple access by different users means that no matter how many people need to be involved and no matter how large the files, there are no longer long delays in information getting through.”

“The introduction of Mediabox to ITV’s product approvals system has streamlined our process, allowing us more time to dedicate to each licensee and the creative input for all our branded products.”

“Mediabox is easy to use and very reliable. We have been using it for several years and find that both our licensees and international agents are very pleased with it. The team at Media box is great to work with and always available for questions and advice on better ways to get the job done. We are very pleased with the experience.”

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