Flujo de trabajo de aprobación de productos

MyMediabox™ Elegido por Friendly Family Productions, LLC como la mejor herramienta de software de su clase para Little House on the Prairie®.

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Los Angeles-based Friendly Family Productions, LLC has chosen the MyMediabox suite of applications to improve digital asset management and style guide delivery, deal memo management, and product approval processes with their partners and Licensees. “Our company recently created a classic licensing program for Little House on the Prairie® and appointed agents in the U.S. and in a number of major [...]

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Previsualización de la precisión del color y los archivos CMYK

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CMYK Files Can Render Inaccurate Colors When Viewed in Web Browsers We are finding that some Mediabox-DAM and Mediabox-PA users who upload files based on the CMYK subtractive color space are having issues with thumbnail preview color accuracy in web browsers. Although the colors are perfect when the uploaded files are downloaded and opened in the original applications, we know [...]

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Peanuts, la nueva marca que se unió a "T-Shirt Booth"

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[UPDATE June 2020 ~ The following article is about the T-Shirt Booth app which, it seems, is no longer available. The most recent update posted on their Facebook page is from August 2018, and today their website doesn't appear operational. I wasn't able to download the app either, getting an error message that it was no longer available in my [...]

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Software Spotlight: Mediabox-PA (Aprobación de productos)

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With Mediabox-PA, the entire product approvals process, from completion of the approval form through concept and pre-production stages and beyond, is all in one centralized, online location. The application allows individuals to review artwork online and attach online comments with each artwork file, and manage the workflow order of projects and submissions between users. Users also use the system to [...]

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