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Previsualización de la precisión del color y los archivos CMYK

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CMYK Files Can Render Inaccurate Colors When Viewed in Web Browsers We are finding that some Mediabox-DAM and Mediabox-PA users who upload files based on the CMYK subtractive color space are having issues with thumbnail preview color accuracy in web browsers. Although the colors are perfect when the uploaded files are downloaded and opened in the original applications, we know [...]

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La ASPCA y Vans colaboran

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Updated June 2020 In 2014, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) began a collaboration with Vans to create a new apparel, accessory, and footwear line that launched that year in March. The ASPCA and Vans collection consisted of hats, a backpack,a t-shirt, and footwear with cat and dog prints. A portion of the proceeds helped [...]

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MyMediabox keeps its clients' sites secure and encrypted Some of you and your licensee partners may have noticed that the address bar is a little more crowded in your web browser when you are on your MyMediabox websites versus some other sites. Once you hit the "Login" page you find that the address starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP. What [...]

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¿Necesitas ayuda?

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“How do I start a new project in the Product Approval system?” * “How can I create my own asset list in the Digital Assets Management center?” * "I can't remember my password to the Royalties Portal and I need to submit my sales report." * "Help!" MyMediabox Support and Training Ready to assist you MyMediabox Support and [...]

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Característica de MyMediabox: Mensajes

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Messaging: What is it and how is it different from  Commenting? The Mediabox-PA (Product Approvals) integrated Messages tool facilitates project discussions between teams by giving users an easy way to instant message with each other, without having to do so outside the system. Unlike single directional "Comments" that are sent by the licensor to the licensee when a submission is closed, [...]

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