MyMediabox focused on our brand visibility and business relationships in 2017. If success is defined by building new relationships and taking existing relationships to new heights, 2017 was a wildly successful year for us. We believe that brand visibility provides an opportunity for brand awareness, which in turn opens the doors for us to build long-lasting relationships with potential partners.

Brand Visibility - Team photo_MyMediabox

New Partners
Around here, we don’t use the word “clients.” It just doesn’t adequately describe the relationships we foster with the companies that use Mediabox products. Instead, we say “partners.” A newly signed partner sends a surge of energy through our ranks, because we are truly excited to provide software proven to ease your pain points and increase productivity. In addition, seeing the licensing industry through the filter of each partner’s business requirements provides valuable insight we use to steer improvements to our products.

In 2017, MyMediabox forged new partnerships with these terrific Licensors:

Pokemon NHL
Crunchyroll Clorox
FIBA – Uniforms Roblox
Spin Master Babblarna
Toca Boca Jeep
Ink Group Ty
Tulipop Halo
Saltkrakan Magic Light
CPLG Alpha Group
The Wiggles One Animation
NBA G League CJ E&M

Trade Shows
There’s nothing quite like the excitement of licensing trade shows! In 2017, MyMediabox continued our tradition of exhibiting at the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas and Brand Licensing Europe in London. Of course, we capitalized on exploring new partnerships and extending our brand visibility. But for us, the greatest value of licensing shows is meeting with our existing partners. In a cloud-based world, relationships deepen when you have the opportunity to shake someone’s hand, sit together and talk about what’s going well and where issues could be addressed.

Team Building
Speaking of relationships, MyMediabox squeezed every opportunity out of 2017 to strengthen the bonds our own team members share with each other through team building events. The company culture we cultivate depends on our strong working relationships.

As you know, we have offices in Atlanta, GA (Sales, Implementation, Training, Support and Marketing teams) and Cincinnati, OH (Research and Development team). We planned several events in 2017 that brought the whole company together. This gave us the opportunity to work face-to-face and socialize through team building activities.

In June, we got together to produce a video, giving you a peek at the people who make MyMediabox a success. It was a fun couple days that included a video shoot in each office, along with some creative overlap. (Notice the shots in the conference rooms!) If you missed it on our social media platforms (FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn), here it is:

In December, we met in the Cincinnati offices for our annual State of the Company meeting, team building events and holiday party. It’s always so rewarding when the whole company works together in one office.

Top Golf provided the perfect venue for some friendly competition between teams comprised of both Atlanta and Cincinnati people. The losing team had to perform a carol at the holiday party!

The holiday party is a time to eat, drink and be merry — and no one does it like MyMediabox! This was a great time for spouses to meet their significant others’ colleagues, giving some the chance to put a face to the often heard name for the very 1st time.

All in all, 2017 was a great year for MyMediabox. Check back often to read about our latest news!