Mediabox 100% green energy colocation facilitySecurity, reliability and sustainability are MyMediabox’s top priorities for its data centers.

As a cloud-based tech company that services the global brand licensing industry, licensors put their trust in us to keep their valuable intellectual properties safe, while relying on us to provide fast, uninterrupted service to maximize their brands’ profitability. Driven by the integrity to insure these priorities, we recently chose Opin Kerif’s brand new, 100% sustainable, state-of-the-art Tier III data center in Iceland, to house our European private cloud servers.

Our partnership with Opin Kerif isn’t new. It began several years ago when MyMediabox sought a colocation facility in Iceland to establish servers dedicated to enhancing processing speeds for our European clients.

Why Iceland, you ask?

We think it’s vital that every company keeps their carbon footprint small. Iceland was a natural choice to power our servers, because it’s the only nation in the world that’s self-reliant in energy production from clean sources. 

“Average monthly temperatures year-round are between -1°C and 10°C, so the Icelandic climate is ideal for free air cooling even through the summer months, resulting in significant savings on power costs.  Power production is 100% based on renewable hydro- and geothermal power, which is cheap, highly available, abundant and predictable.  In addition, Iceland has good fibre connections to mainland Europe and North America. EU rules and regulations on cybersecurity and data protection are directly applicable in Iceland, meaning that the services delivered from the data center are compliant, secure and highly available.” (source)

The old data center was an hour’s drive from Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavík. Its remote location increased our travel costs and time, complicating logistics when we had to visit to modify our hardware. So our interest was immediately piqued when Opin Kerif announced in 2018 its plans to construct Reykjavík DC, a new high-end, technologically advanced and completely sustainable data center just minutes from the capital city. In 2020, this new colocation facility opened for business.

A spokesman for Opin Kerif says, “This data center facility completely satisfies the strict Tier III requirements which not many data centers manage to meet. This means all connections (electricity, internet) are twice secured – would anything disconnect, the operations continue as normal. All cooling and infrastructure are also doubled up, meaning that if all fails in one system, another takes over seamlessly. We can confidently say that this facility is disaster-proof.” 

In a September 2020 press release, Opin Kerif welcomed MyMediabox into Reykjavík DC. In the release, Mediabox founder and CEO Eric Rennagel is quoted as saying, “MyMediabox did an extensive investigation of various data centers throughout Europe and determined that Opin Kerfi presented the best overall value and convenience, given its stable geographic location, extremely competitive cost structure and exceptional connectivity between North America and Europe. Considering that 33% of our future growth is expected to come from customers and users in Europe, we intend to expand our services delivered through Opin Kerfi for many years to come.”


MyMediabox products include Mediabox-PA (product approvals), Mediabox-RM (contract/rights/royalties management) and Mediabox-DAM (digital asset management and style guide delivery). To see a live demo, please contact us here.