Not all cloud-based tech companies servicing the brand licensing industry are created equal, especially when the conversation turns to Security. If you are in the market for a new provider, it’s important to know how the companies under your consideration will handle your data.

MyMediabox’s Private Cloud is Secure and Reliable

MyMediabox owns all the hardware on which we run our software and where we store your confidential intellectual property “IP” (contracts, digital assets, and project data), as well as your employees’ and licensees’ personal identifiable information (PII). We protect this hardware and your data inside private, locked cabinets at Tier 1 Data Centers in North America with extremely limited access to the physical space and virtual access to a handful of employees from our in-house, North America-based R&D team. Access is only obtained following rigorous training and certification on security safety measures and includes real-time monitoring of that online or physical access. While this is a more expensive and labor-intensive approach, our solution is tailored to our customers and affords the most control and protection for your IP and PII.

Some low-priced competitors to Mediabox may use public cloud options including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Rackspace to improve their profit margins.

These public cloud providers typically offer shared infrastructure plans on pre-determined hardware and configurations which our competitors cannot control. Your data and assets end up in the same systems with thousands of unrelated businesses. A vastly larger population of unknown R&D users/developers (often based in some foreign countries known as breeding grounds for hackers) can gain access through the back end, each one representing a potential risk to security breaches overall. Finally, well-known public cloud providers are more lucrative targets to hackers. Incidents such as viruses or ransomware attacks can render your chosen vendor’s systems inaccessible to their own R&D team as well as, by extension, your licensing team and your licensee customer users. Your vendor will be essentially powerless to bring you back online until the cloud provider takes action on their own timeframe.

In the end, MyMediabox places the protection of your licensing business, your IP, and your users’ PII as the top priority over wider profit margins.  That’s smart business.

Why MyMediabox is the Smart, Secure Choice

MyMediabox is one of 500+ business units of Jonas Software/CSI, Inc, Canada’s largest publicly-traded software company, with a 2021 market cap exceeding CAD $48 Billion. Consequently, we are able to leverage our financial strength, volume buying power and extensive in-house cybersecurity services to deploy best-of-class security tests and measures, including regular Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning, 24/7/365 systems monitoring, and more. This enables unparalleled protection for our partners’ personal data “PII” and IPs, at a fraction of the cost.

MyMediabox won’t cut corners, because we don’t have to.

We are committed to the licensors, licensees and licensing agents who put their trust in us. Read on to learn how we protect their personal data and valuable intellectual property assets with SaaS Private Cloud Resiliency and Security, Internal and External Cybersecurity Leadership, Daily Vulnerability Scanning, Independent Penetration Testing, Multi Factor Authentication, and SAML 2.0 Integration.

SaaS Private Cloud Resiliency

We host the Mediabox applications on redundant, dedicated hardware that we own at multiple geographically separated Tier 1 data centers, providing failover and backup functions. We have maintained in excess of 99.96% uptime in the past 6 years (2016 through present), even inclusive of scheduled maintenance downtime.  Other SaaS providers who outsource to 3rd-parties for public cloud hosting have likely been affected by widespread outages associated with providers like  Amazon, Microsoft, Rackspace o Google from time to time.

SaaS Private Cloud Security

Do you know who has access to your company’s confidential intellectual property other than your invited users? When you use Mediabox applications, only a handful of our named and authorized Mediabox employees have any access to your data for software development, troubleshooting and training purposes. If you choose a SaaS provider that uses public cloud computing (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Rackspace, etc.), there is no telling who has access to your IP and PII beyond your vendor’s team.

Internal and External Cybersecurity Leadership

We don’t stop with our own in-house information security experts. We augment our team with continual involvement by the Coalition Security Group y Silent Sector.

Daily Vulnerability Scanning

The Mediabox applications are scanned daily by automated processes for new and existing security vulnerabilities to keep our clients’ data safe and secure.

Independent Penetration Testing

Annual testing is done by a 3rd party team of industry professionals to identify and then resolve security concerns not detected by automated vulnerability scans. Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, and so are the teams we use to test our applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication “MFA”

All MyMediabox employees are required to provide at least two authentication factors (passwords, one-time use codes, and/or smartphone acknowledgment) before entering any system that can access client data, and ONLY on an as-needed basis to deliver our services.

SAML 2.0 Integration

Bring your own layered security policies by integrating your Authentication Identity Provider utilizing the SAML 2.0 industry standard protocol for Single Sign-On (SSO).  This can include your own MFA or other authentication methods, that you control independent of the Mediabox applications.


The delivery of licensing industry best practices for IP and PII protection capabilities is our expertise.  Building intuitive, flexible and scalable Licensing Management Software, designed by licensors for licensors, is our experience and passion.  MyMediabox – Expertise, experience and passion as one.

Learn more about our company and how MyMediabox products and services can take your licensing operations to the next level.

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