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MyMediabox’s newest application, Mediabox-RM, was launched at Licensing Expo 2014 and is integrated with other Mediabox applications for an all-in-one solution.

Core functionality for Mediabox-RM includes:

  • Rights/Availabilities Management. Manage and display all available or licensed rights across Property/Brand, Category and Territory.
  • Deal Memo and Contract Management. Create deal memos, convert them to long-form agreements and manage contract terms.
  • Royalty Tracking and Management. Manage Advances, Minimum Guarantees, payments due and made, allow licensees to log in and upload/input reported royalty data including units sold and sales figures, etc.
  • Reporting. Ability to report across various functions, including contracts, royalties due, availabilities, sales and much more.

“Mediabox-RM is the result of feedback from many Mediabox customers over the years seeking more intuitive, flexible and affordable ways to manage contracts, rights and royalties than existing options on the market,” announces Eric Rennagel, CEO of MyMediabox. “With full integration to existing Mediabox application, we are now the first SaaS vendor able to provide customers with a one-stop-shop of best-of-breed applications. “

Click here to learn more about Mediabox-RM and the MyMediabox Licensing Suite.

About MyMediabox
Founded in 2001, MyMediabox enables Consumer Product Licensors and Agents to form efficient and effective business relationships. Through its suite of online solutions, MyMediabox maintains a high standard of creative and product development support for valuable brands and properties.