Mediabox-DAMStyle Guide Asset Management & Delivery


Control your Property’s digital style guide assets while enabling licensees to selectively preview and download high-resolution files.

With Mediabox-DAM (Digital Asset Management), grant your Licensees access to high-resolution artwork, logos, images, documents, clips audio and other style guide materials. The same site can also be used to manage and store all your digital media (including assets not typically shared with Licensees).

Functionality Overview


Digital Asset Management

  • Custom branded splash page and select interior pages
  • Branding for each property/brand
  • Control User access rights through administrative interface
  • Email templates for User management
  • Upload digital content via FTP or directly into Mediabox-DAM
  • Bulk import of metadata and files
  • Supports over 250 file types including: video, audio, pdf and adobe files
  • Alias files to multiple locations within the site

Digital Asset Management

  • Ability to search keywords, folder names and descriptions
  • Preview of metadata at thumbnail and detail views
  • Save complex searches to your personal collections for easy viewing
  • Push content out from the site via secure link to Users who do not have access
  • Transform images to open source file types

Digital Asset Management

  • Real-time data reports across all assets, users and rights
  • Export reports from Mediabox to multiple file types
  • Keep track of asset activity and inventory

Digital Asset Management

  • User registration screen
  • Password protected user access at the property/brand, folder and asset level
  • Assign browse rights by date range of users for limited access
  • Assign download rights to appropriate users by date range
  • Invite new users email invitation too
  • Grant/deny access to pending Users who have registered on the system
  • Create custom views into the system by user using group management


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Our mission is to be the leader in conceiving, developing and licensing, “best-in-class”, high-performance, online business productivity software applications that focus on managing the intellectual property life-cycle from initial conception and creation of digital assets to contracts/rights management to product development workflows within the Consumer Products Licensing, Television/Film Distribution and Music industries.

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"For Televisa, Mediabox represents the opportunity to grant better service for our licensees, while being more efficient and competitive in front of other Studios... Televisa's long term vision on the licensing business means that we see Mediabox as an investment and not an operational cost. Each effort and work has being remunerated with the satisfaction of our clients. Definitely, the idea to go with Mediabox was the most important decision to modernize, improve security and control and the effectiveness of our services."
"MediaBox almost instantly solved many of the challenges our department had tracking and managing our assets and product development submissions. From the very beginning, Eric Rennagel and his team went out of their way to train our department and our licensees on how to use their system and to customize it to our specific needs. No question was too small and no request was too big. They even developed a special simplified system for submitting to 3rd party approvers that was above and beyond what they were required to do. The folks at MediaBox were constantly striving to create the best online management system and were always asking for feedback and implementing our suggestions. Very quickly, our department saved a lot of time and a lot of paper. Our licensees really appreciated the streamlined system as well. I highly recommend MediaBox. Whether you have a big company or a small one, this system will keep your assets and submissions organized and on track.""
"MediaBox has significantly streamlined our product approvals process; positively affecting our turnaround times and licensee/licensor satisfaction. We love this system!"
"Mediabox is a great tool for the distribution of our marketing materials. We are very satisfied with this product as it allows us to provide our clients a top of the line service."
"Mediabox is easy to use and very reliable. We have been using it for several years and find that both our licensees and international agents are very pleased with it. The team at Media box is great to work with and always available for questions and advice on better ways to get the job done. We are very pleased with the experience."

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