Licensing is Profitable!

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This comic by Bill Watterson says it all... almost! Licensing is profitable for both licensees and licensors. Not only does licensing generate revenue for both parties, but it is also a great marketing tool, allows for brand extension, and creates opportunities to branch out to new regions.

Atari to Develop “Atari Casino”

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Video game brand and MyMediabox partner Atari has teamed with FlowPlay to develop "Atari Casino." "Atari Casino" is a social gaming platform and will extend Atari's most notable brands into classic casino games. Atari utilizes MyMediabox hosted applications (Mediabox-DAM, and Mediabox-PA) to streamline their licensing processes with licensees globally.

Zodiak Procures New Chinese Partnership

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Zodiak has a new partnership with Chinese company Ciwen Media Group and has given them exclusive distribution rights to its animated programming for “Totally Spies,” “The Amazing Spiez,” “Rekkit Rabbit,” “Extreme Football,” “The Ranch,” “The Basketeers” and “Little Princess.” Ciwen will sell these programs to cable, TV and satellite broadcasters throughout China. Zodiak utilizes Mediabox-PA (Product Approvals) to streamline their [...]

ASPCA and Vans Collaborate

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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is in collaboration with Vans to create a new apparel, accessory, and footwear line that is to launch this month. The ASPCA and Vans collection consists of hats, a backpack,a t-shirt, and footwear with cat and dog prints. We are excited for our partner, ASPCA, to be a part of [...]

Peanuts, the Newest brand to join “T-Shirt Booth”

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The Licensing Company brokered a deal between Peanuts and Digital Giving, making them the newest brand to join the “T-Shirt Booth” app. “T-Shirt Booth” offers customized character t-shirts to help raise money for different charities. Read our previous blog about "T-Shirt Booth" to learn more about the app. By creating personalized t-shirts featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown, or any other favorite [...]

MyMediabox Customer Referral Program

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Happy and loyal MyMediabox Users are our greatest assets! Share your experience with your network of friends and colleagues, and if your referral receives a demo by March 31, 2014, we'll thank you by entering you in a drawing to win a new iPad Air! Click here to enter! Email or visit for more details about our customer [...]

#TBT: Brand Licensing Europe

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Brand Licensing Europe is readying itself for its 16th annual show! BLE 2013 was the most successful show in the event's history as far as attendance goes. Over 70% of the show's floor is already booked for this year, which will be returning to London’s Olympia exhibition hall October 7-9. For more information about Brand Licensing Europe visit Here [...]

Software Spotlight: Mediabox-DAM Digital Asset Management

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With Mediabox-DAM, our Digital Asset Management software, Licensors and Agents can create a personalized experience for each user with a highly-branded, customizable UI. Key functionalities include the ability to organize, manage and deliver high-resolution artwork assets for the properties or brands they represent to Licensees around the world. Licensees can preview, transform and download the artwork and images they need [...]

Software Spotlight: Mediabox-DM (Deal Memo)

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Mediabox-DM (Deal Memo) links to the Product Approvals system and regulates what types of projects a licensee can start based on current contractual rights. Mediabox-DM manages and tracks all deal memo terms, either automatically imported from third-party rights and royalty systems via integration or by direct data entry. The application provides online management of key deal memo terms and online [...]