With Mediabox-PA, the entire product approvals process, from completion of the approval form through concept and pre-production stages and beyond, is all in one centralized, online location. The application allows individuals to review artwork online and attach online comments with each artwork file, and manage the workflow order of projects and submissions between users. Users also use the system to log in, review comments, and submit new or next stage product designs.

product approvals workflow, cloud-based software, MyMediabox


  • CommunicationAutomatic email notifications of project updates and multi-thread messaging
  • ReportingReal-time reporting across properties, Licensees, stages, categories and stages
  • Creative Tools Online previewing, commenting, zoom and markup of artwork (including post-its and drop pins)
  • SecurityControl of user access rights by property, project, Licensee, category, role and date range
  • ConfigurationCustomizable approval form templates and private label splash page branding