Employee Spotlight – Braylon Boling

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! It's been an eventful year, and what better way to end the year than to celebrate our newest member of the team! Braylon Boling, our Quality Assurance Coordinator, slid into this role effortlessly and has been a joy to work with. He tests the very complicated Mediabox code fixes and enhancements before they are released to our valued [...]

Employee Spotlight – Scott Fiasco

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The spooky month of October is over and as we move closer to Thanksgiving here in the United States, it's time to celebrate one of our newest members of the team, Scott Fiasco, Quality Assurance Coordinator. His role here at MyMediabox involves leading the QA team through testing code fixes and enhancements, regression testing and so much more. Scott's team [...]

Employee Spotlight – Scott Armstrong

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  Fall is officially here, so it's time to enjoy the lovely breeze and the beautiful autumn leaves falling off the trees. Today we shine a light on another one of our colleagues, Senior Developer Scott Armstrong. Scott spends his time working on our most popular product, Mediabox-PA for product approvals and is a valued member of our team. With [...]

Employee Spotlight – Nick LaBoffe

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Our friend and colleague Nick Laboffe, Software Developer, will celebrate 5 years with MyMediabox next month, so we thought this would be the perfect time to shine the employee spotlight on him. Nick primarily focuses on our newest product, Mediabox-RM for Royalty Management, though he contributes his talents to updating another widely utilized application, Mediabox-PA for Product Approvals. His knowledge, experience and [...]

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: How effective leaders think about cyber-security

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Guest written by Lauro Chavez, Silent Sector Cyber  Cyber-crime is here to stay. Neither technology, compliance frameworks, nor government regulation will stop the threat.  It is a fight we didn’t choose but has forced business leaders to take new measures to protect their organizations. Cyber-security is a very misunderstood topic, and the lack of understanding often causes poor decisions resulting in damaging [...]

Employee Spotlight – Emilee Feldman

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    Autumn is almost upon us and it's time to celebrate another one of our superstar colleagues, Emilee Feldman! Emilee joined MyMediabox in 2009 as a sales manager and has been responsible for many of the wonderful clients we have acquired over the years. As well as new client sales, Emilee is also responsible for account management and retention [...]

Mediabox-PA for CREATIVE Approvals?

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Have you considered using Mediabox-PA for your marketing and sponsorship approvals? Mediabox-PA is not just for consumer product approvals workflows Since its debut in 2005, Mediabox-PA has become the licensing industry’s gold standard when it comes to product approvals software. That’s not a surprise, considering how this user-friendly product with robust functionality reduces user errors and streamlines the product development [...]

Employee Spotlight – Dave Ploof

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After an exciting month at MyMediabox, it’s time to celebrate our Director of Client Services, Dave Ploof. Dave is one of the most hardworking, insightful members of our team, and his humorous personality makes him a joy to work with. Among his many responsibilities, he oversees the quality and future direction of both our Digital Asset Management and Product Approvals [...]

Employee Spotlight – Kaneesha Jamieson-Sang

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  So, it’s Aug. 6, and this is the day you see the face behind all these spotlights. That’s right, I organize these, so you can all learn more about us here at MyMediabox. Today is a special day for me … HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! If you’re a licensee you’ve probably heard: “My name's Kaneesha, and I’m the administrative [...]

Employee Spotlight – Randy Concepcíon

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  July is almost over and it’s time to celebrate Randy Concepcíon, our super genius Implementation Specialist! Randy gets our new clients started on their Mediabox sites and advises each on how they can best configure their site to suit their business needs. He also occasionally speaks to prospective clients to provide a detailed description of our product features. Many [...]