Employee Spotlight – Shane Isaacs

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    It’s April, but there are no fools here! Join me in celebrating Shane Isaacs, an integral member of the team here at MyMediabox. Shane is the lead developer and architect of Mediabox–RM, our cloud-based solution for Contracts/Rights/Royalty Management, and we think he's nothing short of a genius. He works with our client partners to define the requirements and path [...]

Employee Spotlight – Nicole Ducleroir

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  Spring is upon us! So, it’s time to revamp our employee spotlight questionnaire and celebrate a new round of employees. This week, it is our pleasure to celebrate Nicole Ducleroir, who wears two hats as the Training and Marketing Manager. Nicole is in charge of teaching new partners how to utilize the Mediabox systems, as well as explaining the [...]

Employee Spotlight – Brian Contario

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This is the month we celebrate our high-level executives for all their hard work and, today, we are celebrating a long-standing member of the team. Brian Contario, Director of Information Technology, has been with MyMediabox since 2007, and we’re sure Brian has a number of stories to tell. He has a wealth of experience having worked in both software development [...]

Employee Spotlight – Eric Rennagel

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It’s the month of March, and it’s our pleasure to celebrate the glue to this company: our founder and CEO, Eric Rennagel. Eric is the mastermind behind the Mediabox Suite. He saw a gap in the market, and he managed to build this company from the ground up. As a result of this, 120+ licensors worldwide trust MyMediabox to offer [...]

Employee Spotlight – Josh Madden

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    MyMediabox Senior Systems Engineer Josh Madden implements technical strategies to maintain and enhance the functionality of the Mediabox suite of software solutions. His work prevents system outages and ensures the software runs smoothly. Josh also focuses on improving the products as we move forward. You may not have come into contact with him directly, but he is definitely [...]

Why it’s important to protect your Digital Assets

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What are Digital Assets? The Real Story Group, a company which publishes vendor evaluations, identifies digital assets as “something represented in a digital form that has an intrinsic or acquired value.” Digital assets refer to any file type such as photos, videos, audio files etc., and protecting these becomes more important when a company begins to license their Intellectual Property [...]

Employee Spotlight – Brian Nichols

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Brian Nichols is a valuable asset at MyMediabox. As a dedicated Customer Support Coordinator, he is the 1st point of contact for our partners whenever they need assistance with Mediabox-PA, Mediabox-DAM or Mediabox-RM. Brian is equipped with some of the best customer support tools to resolve any issue. He works with our Customer Service Manager, Gina daily to ensure our [...]

2017 – MyMediabox’s Brand Visibility and Year in Review

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MyMediabox focused on our brand visibility and business relationships in 2017. If success is defined by building new relationships and taking existing relationships to new heights, 2017 was a wildly successful year for us. We believe that brand visibility provides an opportunity for brand awareness, which in turn opens the doors for us to build long lasting relationships with potential [...]

Employee Spotlight – Bhawana Bhat

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    Bhawana Bhat is the superstar behind the screens who limits our software faults and ensures it is running to its full capacity. She is constantly testing all our new functions, so you can use the software without a glitch. Bhawana's position as Project Manager is key to achieving our mission of providing the "best-in-class" online productivity software applications. [...]

Employee Spotlight – Gina Stoudenmire

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      Gina Stoudenmire, our Customer Service Manager provides Global Customer Support to all our partners. If at any point there are questions about the site or if the infrequent glitch does occur, Gina will be there to assist. She has been with us for over 4 years as a Customer Service Manager and is a shining star here at [...]