2018 MyMediabox Year in Review is our way of sharing our successes from the past year, as well as our lessons learned. 2018 was a transformative year for MyMediabox. We challenged ourselves. We got out of our comfort zone. And in doing so, we gained a lot of experience along the way. We planned some of the changes ourselves, like the re-envisioned version of Mediabox-DAM. We experienced unplanned changes too, but every change revealed our strengths and pushed us to grow. Here’s a look back at what stands out most for us from 2018.


In 2018, MyMediabox expanded on multiple fronts. We entered into new partnerships with some of the industry’s leading Licensors and Agencies, who in total launched 38 new Mediabox sites during the year. Our new clients launched 16  Mediabox-PA sites, 10 Mediabox-DAM sites, and 12 Mediabox-RM sites. Each of these new partnerships will grow our crowdsourcing capabilities, as we seek out and rely heavily upon the feedback from our partners to guide the development roadmap of new features to come.

MyMediabox grow internally in 2018, too. We welcomed two new Quality Assurance Coordinators to the Cincinnati office. Scott Fiasco and Braylon Boling round out the team responsible for testing new features and conducting regression testing. To the Atlanta team, we carved out an Account Manager position so that Leady Bjerregaard could step into her new role as client advocate.

During the summer, we relocated our headquarters here in Atlanta, GA. We now come to work in a modern, open-concept workspace that is in line with our corporate culture and allows our team to collaborate in creative new ways.

2018 MyMediabox new headquarters

2018 Review ~ NEW TOOLS

We rolled out a brand new version of Mediabox-DAM in 2018. This version greatly expands the platform’s functionality and heightens its performance. The feedback has been fantastic, especially around the new branding capabilities. Mediabox-DAM allows admins to get creative and use newly added tools to customize the color scheme and visual impact of the entire user interface, based on each custom branding style.


MyMediabox launched the first Licensee Training Webinar last May. The webinars were an instant success. A total of 599 people attended a session in 2018.

Did you know? The total number of Licensees worldwide who have used Mediabox-PA is in the tens of thousands! It’s very common to learn that the Licensee end users of a newly launched Mediabox site won’t need training, because they’re already familiar with the platform. That said, there are many Licensee users today who are logging in for the first time or who have never had formal training. This training webinar series was developed for them.

The Licensee Training Webinar is a 45-minute-long recorded tutorial. Participants walk through the approvals process, discussing critical pathway functionality and advanced tools. They explore the nuances found when logged into Mediabox-PA sites that are integrated with Mediabox-RM. The webinar pushes Licensee to grow and is available Live and On-Demand.

Please help us spread the word! When you invite new Licensee users to your Mediabox-PA site, let them know they can go to https://mymediaboxstag.wpengine.com/webinars and register for a free webinar session.


Trade shows continue to be exciting, transformative events for the MyMediabox team. It gives us the important opportunity to sit face-to-face with our partners, discuss their positive experiences, and define their pain points. For us, building strong relationships with our partners is critical in understanding their needs. Together, we solve their challenges. In 2018, Mediabox exhibited at Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas and Brand Licensing Europe in London. We attended MIPCOM and MIPTV.

As we move forward in 2019, we’ll continue to improve our products and services. Our partnerships are vital in helping us understand where to focus our improvements. We regularly ask our partners to participate in surveys for formal feedback, but we welcome unsolicited suggestions any time. Simply send an email outlining your ideas to [email protected] Thank you in advance!

We hope you enjoyed the 2018 MyMediabox Year in Review. We look forward to sharing our 2019 journey with you! Until then, wishing you a transformative year ahead, one that will revealed your strengths and pushed you to grow for maximum progress and profitability.