We have a motto at MyMediabox:

“Integrity, excellence and passion, in all that we do.” 

Integrity. Excellence. Passion. Our company’s foundation was built upon these pillars. But to a team like ours ~ one that likes to work hard and play harder ~ we embrace the “…in all that we do” part, with equal importance. By embodying the motto in our day to day lives, whether today happens to be a workday or not, we experience genuine pride and satisfaction for the positive impact we make,  which breeds enrichment in both our work and our personal lives. 

Leadership Team

Eric RennagelFounder & CEO

Eric Rennagel, a former executive from the consumer products licensing and television distribution industries, founded MyMediabox in 2003. He serves as CEO of the business, now a unit of Jonas Software USA, LLC and Constellation Software, Inc. (CSU.TO), a public company. As CEO, Eric is responsible for setting the vision, strategy, financial goals and product road map for the business, while ensuring the company has the right people (culturally and technically) to achieve its objectives.

I love to travel and meet people from different countries and cultures. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel extensively because of Mediabox, and I have met so many amazing people over the years. Even though we come from different backgrounds and experiences, we all have so much more in common, whether it be career or personal aspirations, work-life balance challenges, family, food, etc.  The cliche is true: “It’s a small world.” Whether I’m traveling or not, I also enjoy golf, fitness, snow skiing, playing soccer, watching Atlanta Braves baseball and spending time with family and friends.

If I had to offer up some philosophical advice, it would be that one of the most important characteristics needed for success in life is to always stand up one more time than you have been knocked down. If you can do that, then, over time, you’ll figure it out.

Brian Contario
VP of Information Technology

Just like the conductor of an orchestra focuses on keeping all of the musicians playing their instruments at the right tempo and on-key, Brian works to coordinate all of the software developers and the code they create to run on the servers and infrastructure to produce the symphony we call our Mediabox applications. Brian’s extensive background in designing both software architecture and hardware infrastructure helps to maintain the delicate harmony between the two.

I love to be surrounded by trees, lakes, hills, oceans, and mountains.  If you don’t find me at my home in the woods (or in the woods themselves), you may find me at our family cabin in Northern Michigan, somewhere in the water snorkeling and scuba diving, or traipsing around Iceland and the Smoky Mountains.

Emilee Feldman
Sales Director

Emilee joined MyMediabox in February 2009. She’s responsible for new business development and she oversees the account management and sales teams.

I am a Type A, vegan Mama who loves to spend time with my family and pet schnoodle while swimming, going to the beach or watching Netflix documentaries. I get unusually excited about going to Trader Joe’s, purging items from my closet, and finding toy treasures for my kids at the Dollar Store.

Cindy Parker
R&D Manager

Cindy manages the R&D team, made up of BAs, developers and QA Analysts. Her main responsibilities are to keep the customers happy by continually improving the quality of the code released and streamlining the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) processes and procedures.

While I’m an avid reader and gardener, my biggest passion is Labradors; I currently have 3, and at one time I had 7!  I’ve been involved with rescue for over 20 years and this year we rescued 2 adult male Labs who had never been in a home before.  They were with us for 3 months while we made sure they were healthy, taught them house manners, and worked with my awesome vet to find them great homes.  I’m actively looking for the next dog(s) to foster or rescue!

David Ploof
Product Manager

Dave’s primary responsibility is creating the development requirements for Mediabox applications (PA, DAM, RM, SM and TM), including enhancements and new features and functionality. However as a valuable Mediabox veteran who’s been with the company since its inception, Dave’s expertise is regularly petitioned to assist with VIP client needs, SOW work, MVC Development issues, JIRA ticket priorities, QA testing, etc.

I love being with my wife, my grown kids and my dog as much as I can. I’m a passionate supporter of Boston/New England sports teams (Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins)

Gina Stoudenmire
Customer Service Manager

Gina oversees the Support Department, assists Support Agents, and assures that issues are properly escalated and resolved to ensure customer satisfaction and success.

I’ve been providing customer service in many industries over the last 15+ years. Helping people is my passion for both work and beyond. I’m a mommy to an 11-year daughter, Callie and a 3-year Maltese fur baby, Daisy. I love the outdoors. In the Summer you’ll find me in or near a body of water, and in the Fall riding ATVs, playing in the mud or hiking to waterfalls… when there’s no UGA football game (GO DAWGS). During the cold winter months I tend to hibernate, indulging in Holiday Hallmark movies. My favorite activities are usually accompanied with the amazing family and friends I’m lucky to have, Oh, and a glass of wine!

Nicole Bridgham
Marketing Manager

Nicole joined the MyMediabox team in early 2016 as the Marketing Manager. She oversees the company’s trade show exhibitions, press releases, website updates, advertisements and collaborations to inform current and prospective clients, and to promote MyMediabox.

I love to write short fiction, and my work is published in several literary magazines and anthologies. I enjoy traveling, backpacking, staying fit, and exploring the underwater world with my family of avid scuba divers. My ultimate dream is to live full time on a boat with my husband and explore the Caribbean together.

Randy Concepcion
Implementation Manager

Randy onboards new clients with MyMediabox products and advises on the best configurations and practices for their applications. He occasionally assists the sales team by providing prospective clients with detailed, technical descriptions of product features.

I’m an avid DIYer when it comes to tackling upgrades around his house. And I jokingly say I attempt to stay fit and fail happily.

Client Success Team

Leady Bjerregaard Account Manager

Leady is a primary liaison between clients and MyMediabox to ensure their satisfaction with the products and services. She also generates leads and conducts software demos for TV/Film Distribution and Media companies in the Latam market.

Outside of being a mommy of two little ones, Mila (3YO) and Toren (9MO), I go to Bootcamp for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. The exercise helps to relieve stress and allows me some ‘me’ time. I enjoy online shopping,  especially for the little ones, and I try to play some tennis on the weekends!

Victoria Doriety
Customer Support Specialist

Victoria quickly assesses client requests or questions, prepares correspondences and fulfills customer needs to ensure customer satisfaction.

In my spare time, aside from taking care of my children, dog, and husband, I love being outdoors. Thankfully Georgia has many beautiful places to offer. I am passionate about photography and have photographed friends’ and families’ life events.

Mori Fukui
Account Manager

Mori manages a portfolio of MBX partners with a focus on client satisfaction and health, while coordinating with several different internal departments.

I always enjoy trying out new things, but a few that I have been most involved in recently are: weightlifting, social activism, cooking/baking new recipes, and taking my puppy out to the park!

Maria Smart
Account Manager

Maria is responsible for pursuing new sales opportunities and assisting with marketing projects, as well as making sure current clients are happy with their MyMediabox systems.

I’m an operatic soprano and received both my Bachelors and Master’s degrees from Georgia Southern University in Vocal Performance. I’ve performed such roles as Donna Anna in Don Giovanni and Marcellina in Le nozze di Figaro. In addition to my love of performing, I enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons, video games, and finding new arts and crafts projects to start (and later forget about). When I’m not binge-watching my latest TV obsession, you can find me trying new beer at one of the many local craft breweries or exploring new places to eat.

Research & Development Team

Shane Isaacs
Senior Software Architect

Shane is the Lead Architect and Developer of the Mediabox-RM application.

“What’s the secret of success? Right decisions. How do you make right decisions? Experience. How do you get experience? Wrong decisions.” – John Wayne

Corbin Rose
UI/UX Developer

Corbin maintains the look and feel of the applications, and manages the front-end functionality and app consistency.

I’m active in my church, and I enjoy writing and recording music, making puns, and creating art with my wife.

Grace Walters
Software Quality Assurance Test Analyst II

Grace is one of two Software Quality Analysts who support the development team by testing the newly developed functionality and changes before it goes live for MyMediaBox’s clients.

I love learning new things and participating in hands-on tasks – whether that means refinishing furniture, sewing, participating in outdoor sports and more. I would describe myself as easygoing and enjoy spending time with my family, cooking new foods, and scary movies.

Aditi Kar
Development Delivery Lead

Being the newest member of the MMB team, Aditi’s primary responsibilities are to work on multiple projects, creating product roadmaps/documents and ensuring they are completed on time and according to specifications, by strictly abiding by the rules of Agile. Aditi collaborates with the developers and partners when determining the scope and timeline of projects.

There are two activities that I absolutely love to do, one of them is painting canvases over weekends to unwind/de-stress and the second one will be to play video games. Apart from these I am an outdoor sport enthusiast and love going for go-karting, canoeing, rafting, and zip lining, to name a few. Always game for learning new skills every year, to not feel unproductive, and to close a year with a feeling that I have achieved something, even though it’s insignificant.