Team building

Who wants to work for a company that’s so serious, no one knows how to relax and have a little fun? On the other hand, would you want to work for a company where everyone’s always clowning around and nothing gets done? At MyMediabox, we think it’s important to strike a good balance between work and play. So we’re always up for a fun day of team building!

Team building activities give us some time to let loose and play, while offering the opportunity to forge stronger work relationships and cultivate the friendships that make coming to work every day even more enjoyable.

In the past, we’ve done white water rafting, bowling, golf, escape rooms, internet trends (remember the Mannequin Challenge?) and scavenger hunts, but we’d never tried this before….Axe throwing.



How is axe throwing a team building activity, you ask? 

The crew over at The Southern Ox in Monroe, GA run a safe, exciting team building event that is unlike any other we’ve done before. We broke into teams and were guided through a series of games where the team with the most points wins. It was great fun for everyone!



The festivities were made even more enjoyable because a colleague, Isabelle Massabo, was in town from our Tokyo office. Isabelle shared with us what life is like in Japan and taught us business protocols to follow so we’re more knowledgable, respectful and effective when interacting with our valued clients in Japan.

ありがとうございました, Isabelle-san!



What’s been your favorite team building activity at work? Tell us about it in the comments!


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