Leady Bjerregaard, MyMediabox, Royalty Management SaaSMy Early Mornings
I wake up, get ready and prepare the bottles for my daughter’s day. I always ensure I lay out my daughter’s clothes for the day, so her daddy doesn’t have to do it. Yes, I enjoy picking out her clothes and ensuring they are suitable for the day; she is my baby doll. I drive to work each day and shockingly enough, the Atlanta traffic is not too bad. The drive usually takes me around 20-25 minutes.

My Morning Routine on Arrival to the Office
I often start my workday at 08:00 by launching my emails and quickly skim-reading my long list of emails for anything that needs erasing, also responding to anything requiring a prompt response. I then take the time to organize my to-do list for the day to ensure productivity throughout the day. Then, it’s time to prepare my breakfast shake for the morning. While drinking my shake, I Facetime with my husband and daughter to say good morning, as I left them asleep on my way to work.  This call usually lasts around 2-3 minutes.

I usually spend my day actioning many of the emails I have received. Emails are a big part of my day, and this usually determines how I prioritize my daily tasks. I then use Salesforce to check any reminders and tasks due. My next order of business would be to prepare for any client calls, demos or internal calls with Eric Rennegal (CEO, MyMediabox) or Emilee Feldman (Sales Manager, MyMediabox). We usually take this time to address any important matters which require collaborations and/or mutual agreements.

Time for Lunch
Most days, I bring my own lunch and I eat it at my desk whilst I work.

My Afternoon Routine at the Office
Providing I have no client calls, sales demos or internal calls, I usually spend the remainder of my day working through my task-list and complete any internal projects.

The Rest of my Day
I leave the office at 16:00, simply because I must be home by 16:25 to relieve my husband of his babysitting duties. We have very strict schedules, and he leaves for work at 16:25. If for any reason he needs to be at work a little early, he’ll drop our daughter off at the office or meet me half way.

Winding down from a long day in the office, it’s important to get our mommy-daughter time. I spend my evenings playing with my baby and then changing into some very comfortable clothes so I can bring her to the gym with me for a quick 30-minute workout. Dedicating 30 minutes of the day to myself in the gym helps to relieve any stress I have accumulated. I used to be very active and have always enjoyed being active. My 30-minute workout is the only hobby I have which requires minimal time and allows me to keep my daughter with me.

I cook every day during the week, although I may order out at least once over the weekend. My husband an I try to keep a very healthy diet which is difficult when eating out, hence the daily cooking.  After Mila ( my daughter) has eaten, we have some playtime and then she goes to bed. By the time this is over, I wait for my husband Brent to come home so we can eat dinner together and watch a tv show before we go to bed. This is something that we have tried to keep in our routine since we first started dating. It gives us the chance to have some adult time and catch up for the day.

I have a 1-year old daughter that still nurses at night, so my sleep never goes uninterrupted. This only happens once a night, which is a lot less than when she was a newborn so for that, I am grateful.

Fun Fact:
I do not need coffee to keep me going throughout the day. My primary energy source is sweets! I am a sugar addict, and that’s probably why I work out every day, to eliminate the guilt.