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We build intuitive software solutions that maximize a licensing team’s efficiencies, creativity and collaborations. We’ve been at it since 2003, working in the trenches with some of the world’s most influential brand owners. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about this highly nuanced industry. The kind of knowledge impossible to acquire without battle-hardened experience. We put that experience to work for every one of our clients.

We’ll put it to work for you, too.

“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom.” ~ Albert Einstein



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Royalty Management

Royalty Management

Maximize your brand’s revenue potential by tracking rights and royalties due


Product Approvals

Product Approvals

Quicker approvals and increased productivity without sacrificing design quality


Digital Asset Management

Style Guide Delivery

Manage your digital style guide assets and deliver high-resolution files


Security Tag Management

Security Tags

Protect your IPs & capture more royalties while increasing consumer engagement


Success Story


SONY Music uses MyMediabox

Licensees eased into using the system so seamlessly. A lot of them had already used MediaBox and the onboarding period was so simple. And when we got artist managers onboard to use the system as reviewers without hiccup, it was exactly what we needed.


Proven Performance and Reliability.

Mediabox software was conceived with seamless integration in mind. One fluid system through which all your licensing operations flow. Powerful and scalable, this is the world’s most widely tested licensing software. Whether you’re a major studio with 1,000s of licensees or a boutique licensor ready to grow your brand, Mediabox products are reliability-proven and powerful enough to handle your business, no matter the size.

100,000 rows of royalty data
54,000+ global users
25,000+ new SKUs monthly
10,000+ licensing agreements
1,000+ configuration options

Our Financial Strength.
Our Clients’ Peace of Mind.

MyMediabox has always been a profitable business on its own. We’re also a business unit of Jonas Software/CSI, Inc., Canada’s largest publicly-traded software corporation with a CAD $13 Billion Market Cap. With the autonomy, flexibility and creativity of a start-up company, plus the monetary strength and security of a financial giant, we can make long-term decisions about what’s best with our clients and the industry, without stooping to shrewd short-term revenue- or market-grabbing ploys.


Our First Duty.

Security has always been our first duty to our clients. By leveraging the financial strength of our parent company, MyMediabox deploys state-of-the-art security measures and redundancies that offer unparalleled protection for our partners’ IPs. All Mediabox development is done in-house and is never outsourced to third parties. In fact, we own outright all of our hardware and software, including our own, private cloud.


5-Star Customer Service.
We’re here for you.

Our clients rated the Mediabox Customer Support Team with top scores in a recent customer satisfaction survey. From your dedicated Account Manager, to the experts who resolve your issues, our world-class support team is the best in the industry. We offer LIVE assistance to users across nearly all global time zones, including training and support in Japanese for our partners in Japan. Our goal is simple: We help your team get the most out of your Mediabox system for maximum success (and enjoyment!).


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