Atari to Develop “Atari Casino”

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Video game brand and MyMediabox partner Atari has teamed with FlowPlay to develop "Atari Casino." "Atari Casino" is a social gaming platform and will extend Atari's most notable brands into classic casino games. Atari utilizes MyMediabox hosted applications (Mediabox-DAM, and Mediabox-PA) to streamline their licensing processes with licensees globally.

ASPCA and Vans Collaborate

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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is in collaboration with Vans to create a new apparel, accessory, and footwear line that is to launch this month. The ASPCA and Vans collection consists of hats, a backpack,a t-shirt, and footwear with cat and dog prints. We are excited for our partner, ASPCA, to be a part of [...]

Fashion Friday: King Features Creates Betty Boop Line

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Freeze and Signorelli are in collaboration with King Features Syndicate to create a ‘90s-themed apparel line featuring Betty Boop. The line includes skirts, shirts, and sweatshirts that will be available at Forever 21 retail stores in the United States. King Features has also teamed up with Kinetix, a luxury brand, to create a line of Betty Boop t-shirts to be [...]

#TBT: Joester Loria celebrates Very Hungry Caterpillar

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The Joester Loria Group has planned a whole year of products, promotions, and events to celebrate the classic children's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s 45th anniversary this year. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is considered Eric Carle’s most famous book and has remained one of the best-selling and most read children’s book around the world. To celebrate The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s [...]

Fashion Friday: New Playboy Apparel Line

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For its 60th anniversary this year, Playboy has collaborated with Special Product Design to produce a range of apparel and accessories using the brand’s logos and icons. Some items included in the range are t-shirts, a cashmere sweater, a gold rabbit head necklace, and tights. The apparel will be available this month in pop-up stores around the world and some [...]

Fashion Friday: Jelly Belly Branded Apparel

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Jelly Belly has teamed up with Poeticgem to develop a new range of branded apparel, including fashion clothing and loungewear. Poeticgem will incorporate Jelly Belly’s signature flavors such as Tutti-Frutti, Chocolate Pudding and Sizzling Cinnamon, as well as some of the jelly beans iconic fans into the new line of apparel. The Licensing Company, Jelly Belly’s licensing agency, utilizes MyMediabox [...]

Fashion Friday: NFL Tailgating Pants

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The National Football league has teamed with Arctix, an outerwear manufacturer, to create tailgating pants for the Super Bowl XLVIII. The Arctix Tail-Gaiters will come in variety of team logos and colors and will be waterproof and windproof. Other features of the pants include a built-in bottle opener, two beverage holsters on the hip and ankle, a key-chain tether, and [...]