Protect your Brand from Counterfeits & Capture more Royalties
while Increasing Consumer Engagement

Mediabox-SM delivers the industry’s first Connected Packaging Marketplace, including next-gen holograms and security tags, Smart QR codes that are impossible to replicate or copy, and other solutions from the top technology companies worldwide. The SM system offers a turn-key process for selecting the tech you think best fits your company, property/brand or category, and then incorporating that security device into the product packaging during the Mediabox-PA Product Approvals process.

Our all-in-one solution starts with placement of the device (holographic tags, QR Codes, etc.) on the product, and continues through ordering, payment, production, fulfillment and then tracking the individual tags at the unit level on your SKU, anywhere in the world via Google Maps.

Mediabox-SM finally delivers an efficient anti-counterfeiting and grey market monitoring solution, with true consumer engagement at the SKU and unit level, with minimal effort by licensees and licensors.


Monitor counterfeit versus real product scans.
See individual security tag scans on Google Maps.


Create marketing URLs at the SKU
level to engage and inform consumers

Consumer Engagement

Manage and approve licensee's
ordering and payment of security tags

Order & Payment

Track the production of the security tags
at the tag manufacturer, and the status of
security tag shipments from the vendor to factory

Production & Fulfillment Management

Track the quantities of security
tags from your stock inventory
that are assigned to SKUs, unused
and available for assignment

Stock Quantities

Run reports across standardized data by
or across licensee, property, category,
channel, territory, SKU and more



Track counterfeit versus real product scans, anywhere in the world.

Every product unit carrying/displaying a security device (hologram security tags and/or Smart QR Codes) makes it possible for consumers, retailers, customs agents and anyone in the supply chain to use their smartphones to scan and confirm if the product is real or fake. GPS coordinates show on Google Maps the date/time and location of the scan, as well as the SKU that it’s associated with, including licensee name, property, product category, sales channel and authorized territory.

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Consumer Engagement

Real-time, online, direct-to-consumer engagement.

With the world shifting to online ordering, and more and more products being delivered directly to the consumer, it’s getting harder to learn about your customers. Deliver added value to the consumer through “connected packaging” technologies that are part of our next-gen security devices. Offer product information, incentives and special offers, or simply show and prove the life cycle of the product from manufacturing to the consumer’s doorstep, with powerful tools to engage and keep customers connected to your products and brands. Assign marketing URL’s as deeply as the individual SKU level, so that consumers who scan a product in a specific country are presented with marketing or informational data in their local language, and much more.

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Order & Payment Management

Request, approve, manage and track security device order quantities and payments made.

Mediabox-SM makes the process 100% transparent, turn-key and easy by enabling licensees to request security devices in some quantity that matches their planned SKU production volumes. Licensors can approve the order quantity, and then the licensee can process payment within the application, via credit card. Mediabox-SM is integrated with a major credit card processor that’s capable of handling any transactions, processing the collection of the payment for the security devices ordered, and making payment to the selected security device vendor, as chosen by the Licensor.

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Production & Fulfillment Management

Track the production status of your security devices with near-real-time updates from the device vendor.

Through Mediabox-SM, licensors and licensees have visibility to the status of each security device order, through production and shipment of the ordered security devices, to the product/SKU factory or other authorized location. Online tools track the delivery and verification of the shipped contents to ensure all the security devices reached their intended destination and in a non-damaged state. Missing or damaged security devices can be deactivated via the SM software, causing them to scan as “counterfeits” should those devices end up on any un-reported real products OR on counterfeits.

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Stock Quantities Management

Holographic Security Stickers

Allow small, just-in-time quantities of security devices OR bulk order millions in advance, for later distribution to specific SKU’s.

Through Mediabox-SM, licensors can let licensees order smaller, “just-in-time” quantities of security devices, OR leverage large volume discounts by pre-purchasing large quantities of security devices and uploading that Bulk Stock into their SM system. Licensees then request their orders via SM, and those orders are sent within the application to the licensor for activation and assignment to Marketing URLs. SM will show Licensors the quantities available, assigned, pending and remaining, including any potential shortages if all orders are fulfilled, so that replacement stock can be ordered ahead of demand.

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Real-time reporting across all SKU’s and security devices worldwide eliminates the need to combine multiple, disparate Excel reports.

Licensors no longer need to request reports from their agents and licensees on security device quantities used versus remaining, on which SKU’s they were assigned, etc. All data is standardized and organized for easy, real-time viewing of reports, including cross-referencing or filtering by licensee, property, product category, SKU, sales channel, territory(ies), contract number, and more.

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“When we started strategizing for an internal licensing system, Mediabox was our first choice. We knew Mediabox had all the parameters we needed to streamline our approvals, royalty tracking and agreement consolidation. The simplicity of the site made for an efficient transition for Pacific Cycle’s personnel and our licensed partners. There is no question, this is a very efficient and time-saving tool. Another important point is Mediabox’s staff; we lean on them regularly with questions and suggestions to see to the ever-changing needs of Pacific Cycle’s licensing tracking system and our partners’ approval protocol. They have been more then accommodating to our needs and continue to build-up their technology.”

“Mediabox has proven to be an invaluable tool for our staff, licensors and our licensees around the globe. The website, which is very user friendly, allows our brand and property images and artwork to be available immediately to everyone 24/7. It also allows us to be in charge of what is on the website and the ability to change the art offered and the user access rights – easily, from our own computer, and at any time of the day or night, without having to rely on an outside service’s availability. Mediabox has helped to reduce art fulfillment costs while freeing up valuable staff time to focus on more critical needs. It has been tremendously helpful for our company.”

“As our business has evolved, we find ourselves dealing with increasing volumes of designs on ever expanding product categories. The Media Box system enables us to manage the design and approval process from concept right through to final samples. It allows us to respond to licensees efficiently, no matter where in the world we, or they, happen to be. One key advantage of Media Box is that multiple access by different users means that no matter how many people need to be involved and no matter how large the files, there are no longer long delays in information getting through.”

“The introduction of Mediabox to ITV’s product approvals system has streamlined our process, allowing us more time to dedicate to each licensee and the creative input for all our branded products.”

“Mediabox is easy to use and very reliable. We have been using it for several years and find that both our licensees and international agents are very pleased with it. The team at Media box is great to work with and always available for questions and advice on better ways to get the job done. We are very pleased with the experience.”

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