Online Creative Approvals, productivity software, marketing software, Software-as-a-Service, SaaSHave you considered using Mediabox-PA for your marketing and sponsorship approvals?

Mediabox-PA is not just for consumer product approvals workflows

Since its debut in 2005, Mediabox-PA has become the licensing industry’s gold standard when it comes to product approvals software. That’s not a surprise, considering how this user-friendly product with robust functionality reduces user errors and streamlines the product development process. Now, leading licensors are discovering new ways to utilize Mediabox-PA, by adapting it for their creative approvals for marketing and sponsorships.

And why not? The approvals process for marketing promotions/sponsorships approvals is very similar to the process for consumer product development, and they share the same challenges, too.

The same workflow challenges solved by the same great solution

Approvers who oversee projects either for product development or for marketing creative face the same challenges. When conducted through email, both product approvals and creative approvals are confusing, laborious and difficult to track from stage to stage. Once projects are closed, it’s frustrating and time-consuming to sift through old email threads in order to locate the historical records of closed projects, but in the event that a key team member has left the company, those records could be lost forever. And whether Sponsor or Licensee, a submitter who is motivated by tight deadlines may attempt to jump the process by contacting certain people first, in order to circumvent required review steps.

Mediabox-PA is a global, collaborative platform that, unlike email, creates a single record of each project as it passes through the various stages of development. MyMediabox’s private cloud servers ensure Approvers and Submitters have easy access to their projects 24/7, from anywhere in the world, even after the projects have closed and regardless of changes to staff.

Instead of categories like Apparel, Housewares, or Toys and Games, we can configure an instance of Mediabox-PA with categories like POS, TV Spot, Sweepstake, Online Video, Internet Banner, Social Media Post, etc. We’ll work with you to define the approval form information fields, capturing critical information for each project.

Marketing/sponsorship projects have a shorter life cycle with typically fewer submissions, and Mediabox-PA allows you to establish the stages of development for each category (Round One, Round Two…) or to decide that all projects will simply start and finish with a single stage. You decide what the approvals workflow will be, and Mediabox-PA prohibits Submitters from bypassing any stage of development.

Implementing Mediabox-PA for Creative Approvals is quick and easy

If you love how Mediabox-PA streamlines the product approvals process, you’ll appreciate how effective the solution is for your marketing/sponsorships approvals. Our team can have your new Mediabox-PA for creative approvals launched quickly and for a reduced implementation fee because you are already a MyMediabox partner. For more information or to schedule a live demo, please contact