Protecting your Assets: Evaluating Licensing Software Vendors

When you’re considering cloud-based software for your own company’s Contracts/Royalty, Digital Asset Management and Product Approval product needs, it’s an exciting process: you’re changing the way your business does business, with the potential to reap huge savings and increases in productivity.  However, it can be a scary proposition to outsource the housing of your brand’s data and assets to a 3rd-party. “What if the vendor suddenly goes out of business? […]

MyMediabox Launches New Contracts/Royalty Software, Mediabox-RM

MyMediabox’s newest application, Mediabox-RM, was launched at Licensing Expo 2014 and is integrated with other Mediabox applications for an all-in-one solution. Core functionality for Mediabox-RM includes: • Rights/Availabilities Management. Manage and display all available or licensed rights across Property/Brand, Category and Territory. • Deal Memo and Contract Management. Create deal memos, convert them to long-form agreements and manage contract terms. • Royalty Tracking and Management. Manage Advances, Minimum Guarantees, payments […]

MyMediabox to Exhibit at Licensing Expo 2014

  Representatives from MyMediabox will be taking meetings and performing demonstrations at its booth (#P180), as well as visiting licensor stands from Tuesday, June 17th through Thursday, June 19th at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.Over 50 of the 400 companies exhibiting at Licensing International Expo are current MyMediabox customers, including: American Greetings, The Cherokee Group, DreamWorks Animation, SONY Consumer Marketing, The Licensing Company (TLC), Capcom and […]

Preview Color Accuracy & CMYK Files

[Update 12-Aug-2016] We are finding that some users uploading files based on the CMYK subtractive color space are having issues with the color rendition on the thumbnails and previews of the files in web browsers. The colors of course are perfect when the uploaded file is downloaded and opened in the original application, but we know that many users count on the thumbnails and previews in Mediabox-PA and Mediabox-DAM so […]

MyMediabox Chosen by FIBA as Online Solution to Marketing and Product Approval Management Needs

ATLANTA – April 14, 2014 – Switzerland-based FIBA (International Basketball Federation), the world governing body for basketball, has chosen the MyMediabox suite of applications to improve Marketing and Product Approval processes with their Partners and Licensees. After years of communicating marketing and product approvals via email, FIBA realized they needed a solution that would eliminate the volume of these emails as well as a process that allowed them to easily […]

MyMediabox fully protected from Heartbleed

As the week goes on many people will be hearing about the major security bug or flaw dubbed “Heartbleed” that is causing thousands of companies, online retailers, and government agencies worldwide to scramble to fix a nearly unprecedented exposure of credit card numbers, passwords, and many other kinds of financial and confidential data.  The flaw was discovered in code installed on over a half million servers worldwide to allow them […]

Licensing is Profitable!

This comic by Bill Watterson says it all… almost! Licensing is profitable for both licensees and licensors. Not only does licensing generate revenue for both parties, but it is also a great marketing tool, allows for brand extension, and creates opportunities to branch out to new regions.

Atari to Develop “Atari Casino”

Video game brand and MyMediabox partner Atari has teamed with FlowPlay to develop “Atari Casino.” “Atari Casino” is a social gaming platform and will extend Atari’s most notable brands into classic casino games. Atari utilizes MyMediabox hosted applications (Mediabox-DAM, and Mediabox-PA) to streamline their licensing processes with licensees globally.

Zodiak Procures New Chinese Partnership

Zodiak has a new partnership with Chinese company Ciwen Media Group and has given them exclusive distribution rights to its animated programming for “Totally Spies,” “The Amazing Spiez,” “Rekkit Rabbit,” “Extreme Football,” “The Ranch,” “The Basketeers” and “Little Princess.” Ciwen will sell these programs to cable, TV and satellite broadcasters throughout China. Zodiak utilizes Mediabox-PA (Product Approvals) to streamline their licensing processes with licensees globally. Interested in learning more about MyMediabox and how […]

What Remote Access Does To Us…

What Remote Access Does To Us…

Always on the go? MyMediabox’s software suite offers 100% remote access. Log in to Mediabox-PA (creative approvals workflow), Mediabox-DAM (digital asset management) or Mediabox-DM (deal memo management) from anywhere at anytime. For more information, visit us at or click here to schedule a demo.