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MyMediabox products are software fully protected from security threats

As the week goes on, many people will be hearing about the major security bug or flaw dubbed “Heartbleed.” Heartbleed is a vulnerability causing thousands of companies, online retailers, and government agencies worldwide to scramble to fix a nearly unprecedented exposure of credit card numbers, passwords and other kinds of financial and confidential data. The flaw was discovered in code installed on over a half million servers worldwide, allowing them access to SSL or HTTPS web browser connections, the very thing that should keep our personal data and software fully protected on the Internet. Heartbleed is a flaw in the OpenSSL library used extensively on Linux servers, and occasionally in specialized applications on Windows servers, too. Heartbleed has been around for about 2 years but has only recently been discovered by researchers.

Confirmation that MyMediabox products are free of security threats came fast

Heartbleed was publicly announced early Tuesday morning, and by 2:00 pm (GMT-5) Tuesday 8-Apr-2014, MyMediabox had completed testing and confirmed that no MyMediabox software systems or servers use the OpenSSL library that contains this flaw. All Mediabox-DAM and Mediabox-PA products are software fully protected from security threats. System communications are still safe from prying eyes, and all file uploads into the Mediabox-DAM system using FTP over SSL and FileCatalyst remain secure.

If you would like more information about this security flaw that is affecting many other companies, the mainstream news outlets are already running stories on it, such as these at BBC News and the Washington Post. If you need information on testing your own web servers and systems for data vulnerability due to Heartbleed, or on the flaw itself, please visit .

If you have any questions specific to your Mediabox-DAM or Mediabox-PA services, please contact MyMediabox through our website or via email at