Software Spotlight: Mediabox-DM (Deal Memo)

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Mediabox-DM (Deal Memo) links to the Product Approvals system and regulates what types of projects a licensee can start based on current contractual rights. Mediabox-DM manages and tracks all deal memo terms, either automatically imported from third-party rights and royalty systems via integration or by direct data entry. The application provides online management of key deal memo terms and online [...]

SMC Expands Licensing Program for Angry Little Girls

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SMC Entertainment Group is continuing to expand the licensing program for the comic strip and book series “Angry Little Girls!.” SMC is a North American licensing agent for the brands Jungle Book, h2O Just Add Water, Dance Academy, Poppy Cat and the aforementioned Angry Little Girls. Among the new U.S. licensees are Toynami, Shirt Lab, Whatever Company, Advanced Graphics, Multiverse [...]