Fashion Friday: King Features Creates Betty Boop Line

Freeze and Signorelli are in collaboration with King Features Syndicate to create a ‘90s-themed apparel line featuring Betty Boop. The line includes skirts, shirts, and sweatshirts that will be available at Forever 21 retail stores in the United States. King Features has also teamed up with Kinetix, a luxury brand, to create a line of Betty Boop t-shirts to be sold in high-end boutiques. King Features is the exclusive licensing […]

#TBT: Flash Gordon Returns

Dynamite is bringing back Flash Gordon in a new series! The comic book publisher set the series to debut April 2014 and will coincide with the character’s 80th anniversary. There will also be a new range of gift merchandise developed by Portico which will feature the work of cartoon-strip artist, Alex Raymond. The new line will include greeting cards, stationery, mugs, wallets and more, and will be available for purchase […]