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What are Digital Assets?

The Real Story Group, a company which publishes vendor evaluations, identifies digital assets as “something represented in a digital form that has an intrinsic or acquired value.” Digital assets refer to any file type such as photos, videos, audio files etc., and protecting these becomes more important when a company begins to license their Intellectual Property (IP). As a company’s licensing business grows, the value of their digital assets can increase. The more sought after your IP becomes, the greater your need to protect it. Your digital assets represent your brand and the statement your company makes. This in turn could add (or detract) value from your business.

So why do you need to protect your Digital Assets?

Given that the word “asset” is associated, by the definition above, with the words ‘intrinsic’ and ‘acquired value’, the question becomes, why wouldn’t you want to protect your digital assets? Your valuable, unprotected assets could be used without your knowledge or permission, and all the profits will go into someone else’s pocket.

SPOILER ALERT! No artist wants to see her new book characters suddenly appear on the internet, any more than a large studio wants to see their new characters leaked before the box office release of a much-anticipated motion picture event. Imagine if we all saw the branding of a new movie before the trailers were released? Media leaks spoil well-crafted anticipation and lessen the impact, once the movie is officially released. The ripple effect undermines the value of all products that are developed with approved branding, by authorized licensees. Having a system in place to minimize the unauthorized leaking of assets to the internet is essential when exploring licensing opportunities.

What can a Digital Asset Management (DAM) System do for you?

The Mediabox – DAM system is permission-based software. This means that only those to whom you grant permission will have the ability to view or download your digital assets. You provide specific permissions to each licensee, thus restricting their access to a level you are comfortable with. Assign browse-only rights to users per folder and by a set date range, for limited access. Grant preview-only permission to allow licensees the ability to download a low resolution, watermarked version of your asset, until you’re ready to upgrade them to full download access.

MyMediabox understands the importance of brand recognition and visibility, and we design each Mediabox – DAM site to match the client’s corporate look and feel. We want your users to think they are accessing an extension of your services, rather than logging into a Mediabox product. This is why we work with you to design the splash page where your users log in, featuring your logos, characters, and brand’spersonality. You’re also able to customize the individual folders within the site with artwork that depicts your property, enhancing the users’ experience while they work.

Choose us!

There are numerous added benefits when you choose MyMediabox as your software provider, including real-time data reports to keep track of asset activity and inventory, advanced security settings, customized UI and asset display sizes, and much more.

Here at MyMediabox, we are experts in the licensing industry and our software tools will take your licensing program to the next level. For more reasons Why you should choose MyMediabox as your brand licensing software providerplease read our previous post. And for further information on how Mediabox – DAM can help your company, please contact our sales team.