Employee Spotlight - Randy Concepcíon_MyMediabox


July is almost over and it’s time to celebrate Randy Concepcíon, our super genius Implementation Specialist! Randy gets our new clients started on their Mediabox sites and advises each on how they can best configure their site to suit their business needs. He also occasionally speaks to prospective clients to provide a detailed description of our product features. Many clients have had regular communications with Randy, and I’m sure it is great to finally see the face behind the screen and on the other end of the phone. Find out more about what Randy does when he is not implementing your site.



1. Most embarrassing moment?
I tried singing once. In front of people. That did not go well. At all.

2. Funniest childhood nickname and why?
I didn’t really have any nicknames. Elementary school it was always Randy Candy but in hindsight, that was just lazy.

3. If you could be a member of any TV-sitcom family, which would it be?
Scrubs … Does that count? Doesn’t matter, Scrubs.

4. If you could change one thing about your upbringing, what would it be?
I wish we would have traveled more. See the world from different perspectives.

5. Would you rather $2million right now or $4000 every week?
$4000 a week for the rest of my life? Yes, please!

6. Name one short-term goal?
Obtain my PMP certification

7. If you could kill off any character from a current television show, who would it be?
This is a tough one. I would say Darlene from Mr. Robot. Not because I do not like the character, but I wonder what would happen if she were gone.

8. What is your motto or personal mantra?
Differences should not be denied; they should be accepted and enjoyed.

9. What is your biggest achievement? – personal or professional
Getting through college while maintaining a full-time job was much harder than I thought it would be. I did not know it at the time, but now I see just how much that meant to me.

10. If you could switch jobs with someone, who would it be?
F1 Racer. I love driving and it would be great to drive one of those cars.

11. If you were 80 years old, what advice would you give your grandchildren?
Never stop learning about the world and your surroundings.