Do you ever wonder how other leading licensors manage their licensing contracts? How do they streamline their product approvals workflow or keep their style guides so secure and exclusive?

These licensors ditched their cumbersome spreadsheets and generic file-sharing services for an easier, more secure way to manage their licensing business. They chose MyMediabox software solutions to efficiently streamline and secure their product approvals workflow, digital asset management and royalty management.

1. Efficient Licensing Management

Brand, Licensing, Efficient ManagementNeatly organize all your licensing contracts, product development projects and digital assets with Mediabox-RM, Mediabox-PA and Mediabox-DAM. The MyMediabox system keeps a detailed record of all historical data. Easily retrieve any project records or asset for as long as you use the system.


Brand, Licensing, Secure File Sharing2. Secure file sharing

MyMediabox systems are secure and role-based. You control who can log in, what contracts, projects or assets each user accesses, and what tasks each is allowed to execute. Custom-brand each Mediabox site to match your corporate look and feel, so your users feel like they’re accessing an extension of your company’s internal services.

3. Cloud based licensing software

Brand, Licensing, Cloud Based Software9,000 companies worldwide currently access Mediabox sites. With over 54,000 end users logging into our sites from 125 countries, it’s easy to see the benefit of our private cloud. Our internal servers are located in three co-locations in the United States and Iceland. Users access contract information, track royalties, collaborate to approve projects and download assets quickly and easily from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Regular, automatic updates to the robust features and functionality set Mediabox cloud-based software apart from similar competitor systems. We guarantee you always have the latest available version of the software, with no additional cost to you and no need to download anything, ever.

“For Televisa, Mediabox represents the opportunity to grant better service for our licensees, while being more efficient and competitive in front of other Studio. Televisa’s long term vision on the licensing business means that we see Mediabox as an investment and not an operational cost. Each effort and work has been remunerated with the satisfaction of our clients. Definitely, the idea to go with Mediabox was the most important decision to modernize, improve security and control the effectiveness of our services.” – Televisa Consumer Products

4. System Integration

 Brand-Licensing_System-IntegrationThe Mediabox suite of software solutions provides three stand alone products. Each platform is capable of operating independently. However, when two or more systems are integrated, they share information, automate procedures and significantly streamline the licensing process to increase productivity and eliminate repetitive work.


5. Dedicated Team – Global Customer Support

Brand-Licensing_Customer-SupportCall or email our dedicated team for support or advice regarding how best to utilize the software. You can also log a ticket directly from the application to have your questions answered promptly. Customer support is included with your license. Unlimited, dedicated training sessions are available at times tailored to suit the user’s schedule.   


We built MyMediabox productivity software from the ground up for the brand licensing industry. Licensors maximize their efficiency by leveraging their existing staff resources, minimizing turnaround times and eliminating data entry errors. Visit our homepage and contact our sales team for a demo and more information on how MyMediabox can be an effortless solution to streamline your approval process.

If you would like to learn more about the licensing industry, we recommend you read the Introduction to the Licensing Industry article by LIMA.