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Reduce Approval Time and Increase Productivity
without sacrificing design quality

With Mediabox-PA, the entire licensed product approvals process takes place in one centralized, online location, from completion of your custom-configured approval form through concept and pre-production stages, and beyond. With over 220 Mediabox-PA sites implemented to date, it’s by far the most widely tested and adopted solution worldwide for approvals workflow management.

Mediabox-PA integrates beautifully with Mediabox-RM, giving control over what projects a licensee can create, based on the contractual rights. AND it integrates with Mediabox-SM, so that Connected Packaging and security tags can be introduced during the product approvals process and then tracked through the point of sale, and beyond.


Controlar los derechos de acceso de los usuarios por propiedad, proyecto,
Empresa licenciataria, categoría y rango de fechas

Aprobaciones basadas en funciones

Revisar y marcar las obras de arte con
herramientas creativas integradas y
funcionalidad de comentario

Herramientas creativas

Cada usuario controla el aspecto y la sensación de
su espacio de trabajo, con capacidad para trabajar en
un ambiente de 2 o 3 paneles, elija
el esquema de color, alterar la lista de proyectos... columnas y cambiar el idioma de la pantalla

Espacios de trabajo flexibles

Controlar los tipos de proyectos Licenciatarios
puede comenzar basándose en los derechos contractuales

Integrar con Mediabox-RM

Los correos electrónicos generados por el sistema alertan a los usuarios sobre las actualizaciones del proyecto o cuando se requieren acciones.

Notificaciones por correo electrónico

Crear flujos de trabajo de aprobación ilimitados
y las etapas por tipo de producto, con
formularios de aprobación configurados a medida

Flujos de trabajo personalizados
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Role-Based Approvals

Mediabox-PA is a flexible tool that adapts to how you do business.

Whether you have one team responsible for approving every submission, or your process is complex with multiple tiers of internal and stakeholder reviewers, Mediabox-PA can accommodate your business.  Licensees only see the projects they create, and you assign internal user roles by rights and/or responsibilities, so that each team member only sees the projects they work on. The historical log for each project archives comments and changes in one secure location, giving you full visibility to track and communicate all stages of product development, and for easy reference after the project is completed.

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Customizable Workflows

Create unlimited approval workflows in Mediabox-PA by type of product and by stages.

Don’t settle for software that makes you change how you work to fit someone else’s solution. Need multiple approval forms depending on the product category? No problem. Create unlimited templates from your existing approval forms, and your licensees choose the appropriate form when creating a new project. Within each workflow, multi-tiered team functionality let’s you decide how projects are assigned to internal reviewers.

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Mediabox-PA customizable workflows

Creative Tools

Online previewing and commenting tools with markup of artwork files.

Review submission files and markup artwork with robust creative tools. Commenting functionality includes integrated rich text editor, canned responses, optional draft modes, and ability to export for offline collaboration. Side-by-side comparisons of previous submissions and multi-thread messaging platforms further accelerate the approvals process.

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Flexible Workspaces

Each user controls the look and feel of their own workspace.

Mediabox-PA is a modern platform that allows each user to choose a 2- or 3-pane environment, depending on whether they’re working on a batch of projects or focusing on a single project at a time. Detach a project’s details and drag to a second monitor to maximize your workspace. Alter the columns in the project list according to your preferences, and create on-the-fly reports by applying filters, moving and resorting columns of information or hiding them entirely before exporting to Excel. Further customize your workspace by changing the color scheme and choosing to display the site in the language you prefer.

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Email Notifications

System generated emails alert users when actions are required.

Never miss a new project or submission. Email notifications are automatically triggered when actions are required or when you’re the recipient of a message in the internal messaging center. Each user may be granted the ability to manage their preferences and opt out of certain emails. All email notifications are hyperlinked to the projects of origin for simple, single click access.

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Integrate with Mediabox-RM (Contract/Royalty Management)

Control the types of projects Licensees can start based on their contractual rights.

Take the power of Mediabox-PA to the next level by integrating with Mediabox-RM. The system will automatically verify the licensed rights before the licensee can submit a new project, mitigating the risk of costly errors. Seamlessly send approved product information at any time from Mediabox-PA to Mediabox-RM, including SKU, property, category, image of the product, cost (or wholesale or SRP), and more. Imagine, one single, centralized catalogue of all approved SKUs, across all licensees! 

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Integrate with Mediabox-SM (Security Tag Management)

Mediabox Security Tag Management

Incorporate the latest security tag technology during the product approvals process.

Mediabox-PA’s newest integration is an industry game-changer in brand assurance. Introducing Mediabox-SM (security tag management), a turn-key anti-counterfeiting and grey market monitoring solution with true consumer engagement at the SKU and unit level, with minimal effort by licensees and licensors. Select the tech from the marketplace that you think best fits your company, property/brand or category, and then incorporate that security device into the product packaging during the approvals process in Mediabox-PA.

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“When we started strategizing for an internal licensing system, Mediabox was our first choice. We knew Mediabox had all the parameters we needed to streamline our approvals, royalty tracking and agreement consolidation. The simplicity of the site made for an efficient transition for Pacific Cycle’s personnel and our licensed partners. There is no question, this is a very efficient and time-saving tool. Another important point is Mediabox’s staff; we lean on them regularly with questions and suggestions to see to the ever-changing needs of Pacific Cycle’s licensing tracking system and our partners’ approval protocol. They have been more then accommodating to our needs and continue to build-up their technology.”

“Mediabox has proven to be an invaluable tool for our staff, licensors and our licensees around the globe. The website, which is very user friendly, allows our brand and property images and artwork to be available immediately to everyone 24/7. It also allows us to be in charge of what is on the website and the ability to change the art offered and the user access rights – easily, from our own computer, and at any time of the day or night, without having to rely on an outside service’s availability. Mediabox has helped to reduce art fulfillment costs while freeing up valuable staff time to focus on more critical needs. It has been tremendously helpful for our company.”

“As our business has evolved, we find ourselves dealing with increasing volumes of designs on ever expanding product categories. The Media Box system enables us to manage the design and approval process from concept right through to final samples. It allows us to respond to licensees efficiently, no matter where in the world we, or they, happen to be. One key advantage of Media Box is that multiple access by different users means that no matter how many people need to be involved and no matter how large the files, there are no longer long delays in information getting through.”

“The introduction of Mediabox to ITV’s product approvals system has streamlined our process, allowing us more time to dedicate to each licensee and the creative input for all our branded products.”

“Mediabox is easy to use and very reliable. We have been using it for several years and find that both our licensees and international agents are very pleased with it. The team at Media box is great to work with and always available for questions and advice on better ways to get the job done. We are very pleased with the experience.”

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